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  • Descent into the ice [videorecording]Descent into the ice [videorecording]

    Follows a team of glacionauts as they explore the sub-freezing sea of ice trapped deep inside the glaciers of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps.

  • Oceans [videorecording]Oceans [videorecording]

    Examines the structure and history of Earth from the perspective of visitors from a distant galaxy, focusing on the properties of ocean water, with discussion of tides, the topography of the ocean floor, and life zones within the ocean; and includes an investigation of the effects of water temperature on ocean currents.

  • Tsunami : killer wave [videorecording]Tsunami : killer wave [videorecording]

    Joins scientists as they strive to learn about tsunamis, gigantic waves usually formed by undersea earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and includes footage of tsunamis, and stories from survivors.

  • Freedom writers [videorecording]Freedom writers [videorecording]

    Hillary Swank stars in this gripping story of inner-city kids raised on drive-by shootings and hard-core attitutde--and the teacher who gives them the one thing they need most: a voice of their own.

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