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  • A woodland weddingA woodland wedding / Owl Diaries

    Elliott, Rebecca, author.

    Eva's teacher, Miss Featherbottom, is getting married, but when her special necklace disappears, Eva and her friends set out to track down the thief and return the necklace before the wedding.

  • Eva and the new owlEva and the new owl / Owl Diaries

    Elliott, Rebecca, author.

    Eva wants to be friends with Hailey, the new owl in her class, but when Hailey seems to prefer Lucy's company, Eva starts to feel left out, and even a little jealous of her best friend.

  • Hamstersaurus RexHamstersaurus Rex

    O'Donnell, Tom, author.

    "Eleven-year old Sam befriends a hungry class hamster that undergoes a freaky transformation"--

  • Steamboat schoolSteamboat school : inspired by a true story : St. Louis, Missouri: 1847

    Hopkinson, Deborah.

    In 1847 St. Louis, Missouri, when a new law against educating African Americans forces Reverend John to close his school, he finds an ingenious solution to the new state law by moving his school to a steamboat in the Mississippi River. Includes author's note on Reverend John Berry Meachum, a minister, entrepreneur, and educator who fought tirelessly for the rights of African Americans.

  • Some kind of courageSome kind of courage

    Gemeinhart, Dan.

    In 1890 Washington the only family Joseph Johnson has left is his half-wild Indian pony, Sarah, so when she is sold by a man who has no right to do so, he sets out to get her back--and he plans to let nothing stop him in his quest.

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